Hygiene Innovation

Inova Ceramic provided innovation on both quality and hygiene as well. Product surface is covered by technological application technique and special inorganic mineral formulation founded by Inova Seramik Company and product is heat-treated again to vanish poras and holes on standard ceramic surfaces which is not visible to the naked eye. Thus, quantity of poras and holes which are visible under microschope, is minimized. Areas where microbe and bacterias are existed, are vanished.

Cover application used by Inova Seramik Company, composed of inorganic raw materials, do not include harmful chemical material for health and environment.

Cover application is long lasting without loosing its effect due to secondary heat treating.

Usual cleaning may be applied for surface cleaning without using any strong chemical or detergent.

Pictures of Standard ceramic surface and Smooth ceramic surface which are examined under microscope as 200 times bigger size, indicate difference clearly.


Inova Seramik has been providing counter-top washbasin and washbasin with shelf for bathroom furnitures. All products is being produced through using Fine Fire Clay Technology. Fine Fire Clay (FFC) technology provides production through quality and esthetics for big-size and complicated products which can not be produced through standard ceramic body.

Formulation and composition which invented as result of long-lasting R&D, are prepared for casting through using special production techniques. Main raw materials of main body is composed of clay, kaolin, quarz, chamotte and feldspar. Raw materials, being received from UK, Germany, Spain, France and Turkey, are being checked for Ceramic Production Process through exposing it to sensitive input quality control in raw material control labs. Raw materials approved are the begining stage of production.

Half-finished goods are produced as sensitive heat-treatment procedure is applied in oven which its moisture and heat level is arranged for production accordingly, as soon as casting into plaster or resin molds is done. 1250 °C Heat-treatment is provided during 16 hours for half-finished goods which are glazed.

A sensitive quality control is done for 100% of goods meeting necessary technical specifications. Goods approved are served into our precious clients.


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